Battlestar Galactica Dark Ages Offer Up A Mysterious Era

The Battlestar Galactica fan’s question is a good one, especially when you consider our own Dark Ages. This is the term used to describe a period of time following the fall of the Roman Empire. That empire’s collapse led to a lack of scientific and cultural advancement as well as recordkeeping, meaning that we just don’t know that much about what happened during this 500-year (give or take) period.

The fan asking the question wanted to know how a culture that had mastered intergalactic travel would lose information about something that only happened 2,000 years ago. According to Ronald D. Moore, “I’ve been presupposing some kind of cataclysm or crisis that occurred soon after mankind settled on the 12 worlds, which either wiped out the knowledge base or had it deliberately destroyed for some reason.”

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