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A few days after making its debut, Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster has been given a release date: September 19, 2024.

The new remaster is will mark the second time that Dead Rising has received an updated edition. This one brings the game natively to PS5, Xbox Series and PC, featuring 4k and 60fps.

Developer Rysosuke Murai said that “it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this game a remake,” and he is absolutely right. The latest footage reveals a heavily updated version of the original game that not only improves the graphics but will also introduce the ability to aim while moving, better NPC behaviour to hopefully make escorting them more enjoyable and a “fine-tuned” interface. It’s all built on the RE Engine.

Autosaves are also now going to be supported, though manual saves will still work too. This might help make the game more welcoming to new players since they won’t have to find a bathroom every five minutes to save. It’s unclear whether autosaving can be turned off for those wanting something closer to the original experience though.

You’ll also be able to fast-forward time, which should make multiple playthroughs more enjoyable.

Capcom also revealed that all NPC and survivor interactions will be fully voiced.

Speaking of voices though, Capcom still hasn’t revealed the identity of the new voice actor for the main character Frank West, who has covered wars, you know. The original voice of Frank West said that he wasn’t even asked to return to the role, but he didn’t seem to have taken it personally, stating that “An actor’s job when called upon is to show up prepared, deliver your best, and when done, move on to the next mission; I simply wasn’t called for this mission. The reason are the producer’s own.”

With so many changes being made, it’s understandable to worry that the spirit of Dead Rising could be compromised. Speaking on that exact possibility, Rysosuke Murai said: “If you’ve played the original, rest assured that its core remains unchanged in this Deluxe Remaster. We did our best to respect the direction of the original game. We kept the fundemental gameplay the same while improving upon the user experience. With this, we believe that both veterans and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy a fresh experience.”

Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will be available September 19 for Xbox Series, PC and PS5 in digital form. There will be a physical version but won’t be out until a few months later.

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