Farscape Is Responsible For Modern Superhero Movies

That opinion is, again, from James Gunn, who also has mentioned that Farscape is one of his favorite shows of all time, to the point that he geeked out meeting Ben Browder while representing Marvel at a convention. Browder played John Crichton, both versions, the human that finds himself sucked through a wormhole and now living on the complete opposite side of the galaxy from Earth (clearly Starlord).

Joining him is the colorful crew consisting of Chiana, the white alien talented fighter (that’s Gamora), Ka D’Argo, the loud and proud fighter that lost everything he ever held dear (very Drax), Jool, the smart orange alien that isn’t very good in a fight (Mantis), and the strangest connection, Aeryn Sun, the militant Peacekeeper who’s life wasn’t her own for decades (oddly, the Rocket proxy).

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