Online jobs that will make you INR 1000 per hour

Since the time internet went popular there are many people who have started looking for jobs online. Undoubtedly internet is the best place to find jobs or work as a freelancer. There are many reasons why people look for a job online. Maybe you are someone who is a student and looking for a part-time job online. Or maybe you are a housewife who wants to spend her time by doing something great.  Whatever the reason is there are thousands of job opportunities exist on the web. You just have to find them out. On the internet, there is also too many websites exists that offers jobs according to your talent.

However, before writing this article we have calculated more than 30 jobs earnings and handpicked top 3 online jobs that pay really well. The great about all these jobs is that you do not need any degree to apply for these jobs all you need is skills. As well if you do not have the skills you can learn the skills online and start making money from internet without any issues. Just in case if you want to learn the skills you can Google it or enroll in some free and paid courses and get a certification.

Top 3 Online Jobs That Pays 1000 INR Per Hour.

Freelance Writer: if you are good at writing you can work as a freelance writer. In this job you just have to contact people who need contents for their blogs or website. You just need to contact them and make a deal with them. Then your client will provide you topics and you have to write about them. Once you have submitted the article to your client. And the client approves your work you will get paid. Now there is no fixed amount that you will get paid. Even the payment depends on many factors. Such as how much money the client wants to spend on the content. How long the article is, article quality and so on. There is no fixed range some people earn 1000 bucks for writing an article. Some people get paid little less. However, you can say at starting you will get paid between 300 bucks to 500. But once you have experience in the field you can increase your fees and earn some more bucks. According to many people, the new freelance writers earn between Rs.300 to Rs.500 for a 700 article. But once you have the experience you will get paid RS.1000 for the same words article. It all depends on how much skilled you are and how much experience you have. Also, do not forget to make a strong portfolio on the go.

However nowadays writing article became little tough. You do not just to write an article for the readers but also you have to make sure that the article is SEO aka search engine friendly.  The search engine writing has higher payout comparing to the normal articles. If you want to learn about this technique you can Google SEO Copywriting. Even the SEO copywriters have a high demand in the market and have lots of opportunities to earn big bucks.

Graphic Designer: A graphics designer is someone who has great designing skills. Graphics designers create professional logos for companies and websites. The main computer tools that they use is the Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and CorelDraw. There are many graphics designers who earning a great amount of money by designing logos, banners and so on. Talking about the interesting fact, a graphics designer can easily earn 1 to 2 lakhs per month. There is a high demand for graphics designers in the market. Even big news publications often need a graphics designer to design graphics for their news. That’s why most of the college students take a graphics designer course after their graduation. So if you are good with computers and have a great knowledge in designing then you can take up a graphics designing course.  

Foreign Language Translator: If you are one of such person who knows multiple languages. Especially foreign languages then let me tell you, you can earn quite a lot of bucks. There is a huge need in the market for professionals who know a foreign language such as French, Spanish, German. In this job, you have to interact with foreign tourists and doing to back-office work for them. They usually pay in dollars and Euros. You can easily get fluent in any foreign language by spending minimum 6 months of time. Just go and take a course and start learning. Once you are done with the course you can find jobs online. It’s quite easy to earn $20 for translating a full page article online.

However, before you go and pick a career and start working as a freelancer let me tell you something. It’s always better to choose the best option that you love to do. For example, if you love writing, then it would be good if you choose a content writing job and not a graphics designing course. However, if you can do both it’s up to you then which job you want to do. Just in case if you are a beginner in this field then go with the easiest option that you can do. Do not think about the earning at first work for a while and gain experience once you are done with gaining experience. Start acting like a pro and fix the fees for your job. There are many websites exist on the internet that gives you a platform to post a job for yourself. One of the popular websites is where you can connect with foreign clients. As well you can join Facebook groups to find a job for yourself. Be super active on social media and you will get quite a lot of jobs. However, not all of them will pay you your desired fees but you will earn quite a lot but you also have to work a little more.


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