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Virtual study rooms are the new trend.  There are lots of students as well as the teachers heading into the cyber world. Teaching is now as same as it was used to be even it got a complete makeover. There was a time when you used to need books to stud. But now there is no need of books. Instead, everything started to being digital even out books. Nowadays teachers and students connect with each other over the internet using a laptop, or a tablet or an iPads. Even sometimes they connect via the smartphones. Digital India slowly transforming the products that we use in our daily life.  Even the education came under their transforming sector. Students or the adult’s everyone started loving the way how technology changing the world and making it a better place.

However, if you are one of those teachers who wants to make money online then this post might be helpful to you. You can easily work as an online tutor and earn up to Rs.300 to Rs.1000 per hour by working from home. However the payment matters on how hard the subject is or how much the student wants to pay. There are many Indian teachers out there who are earning Rs.60000 per month by teaching online. This is most unique opportunity that technology offering to use. You just have to best in your subject and earning big fat bucks would be really easy.

Even if you are one of those teachers who has passed out from institutions like IIT and IIM. Then you can earn more money comparing to the government teachers. Also if you have qualifications like B.Ed and M.Ed then you can earn more bucks. As I have mentioned it all depends on how qualified you are in your section. Just in case if you are thinking about the benefits of being, an online tutor then here are some of the top benefits of being an online tutor:


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Benefits Of Becoming An Online Tutor:


  •    You can choose your working hours; no one will order you or give you a timetable.
  •    You can work on your terms.
  •    Definitely fulfilling jobs as you are building thousands of students career.
  •    You can teach from anywhere at your own time. However, you will need a computer and stable internet connection.
  •    It offers high earnings compared to the other online jobs.
  •    Regular stable income with less risk.

Here are top websites where you can find an online tutor job:


Vanduntu is a popular website used by so many teachers and students in India. You can visit the website by entering this URL In your browser:  The online platform offers coaching service like maths, French, German, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and so on. It also offers to coach in IIT- JEE, and AIMPT. The majority of the teachers teaching on this platform are from Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata. The portal has more than 40,000 students from India. And they are learning a new concept almost every day by using the platform.


Tutor Vista is one of the oldest platforms. The website was started in 2005. You can visit the website by clicking on the following link:  According to the website, they have server more than 11,032,000 live tutoring sessions over the decade. So you can also try this platform. The platform has a good package and they are one of the top online tutoring services in India.


The Peason is the parent company of the financial times which is one of the largest newspaper in the world. You can visit the website by following this link: The company usually publish textbooks, assessment tools and provides different educational services. The Person provides its services to countries like India, China, United States and so on. The tutors over here come from differing parts of the world. Also, they need a proper training before the teachers start to teach. Basically, they need the pass certification then they will be able to teach to the students.


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The tutor is one of the best mobile education apps. Even it keeps featuring among the top five mobile education apps. The website gets thousands of visits per day from different students and teachers and together they solve difficult topics like algebra, quadratic equations, and calculus. By taking tuitions from the website some students also grabbed a seat in universities like Harvard and Cornell. The company also provides SAT / GRE test preparation materials for students.

However, apart from these platforms, there are so many other platforms exist on the web that gives you a tutoring job. However only consider the platforms if you know how to teach well also you have to have entrepreneurship spirit in yourself. Else it would be really tough to maintain. As you will not get paid at the first you have to learn about it, you need to understand how this online platform works. Then only you can move ahead and start to learn. Without learning about it it is impossible to make a profitable income per month from this website. Also, you have to be fluent in English so you can communicate with the students and help them understand the topic.  So there are a lot of improvements that you need to do in yourself before you step ahead and join the platforms.  

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