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If you are looking for a trusted share provider then here is some information that might be helpful to you. in this article we have talked about an IPO service provider who is best at its business. Also, they are one of such company whom citizens all over the country are trusting. That’s why their client base growing at a rapid pace. So without wasting any time let’s head into the topic.

One of the India’s largest register share provider is the Link Intime. They are also one of the share transfer agents for Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s). the company is Mumbai based. And they have their branches in cities like Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kolkatta, New Delhi, Pune, and Vadodara. The company has won public trust over the years and handled most of the public issues in the last 7 years out of 10 years.

The companies closest competitors are the Karvy Computershare. The company has the largest number of shareholders from all over the India. Link time’s another competitor was the Sharepro Services, a Mumbai headquartered share registrar company.

Link Intime was first started in the late 80’s. Since then to now the company have faced many merges. Also, they have gone through many acquisitions to form the current company that known as the Link Intime Pvt Ltd. Link Intime is one of the oldest share registrar company in the market. Also, the company’s registry services are used by over 1.5 crore investors in 2018. And now the company is looking ahead to increase its investor counts to 2 crores by the end of the 2017 or 2018. Just in case if you are wondering which IPO services are handled by the Link Intime, then here is the list you must check out:

List of recent IPO’s handled by Link Intime

  • Quick Heal Technologies,
  • Precision Camshafts,
  • Snowman Logistics,
  • Dr Lal Pathlabs,
  • Alkem Laboratories,
  • Teamlease Servies,
  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Inox Wind
  • S H Kelkar


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However to determine the IPO allotment status of these IPO’s you can even visit the Link Intime’s website. To visit the website you have to go the following web address:

http://www.linkintime.co.in/publicissues/default.aspx and you are good to go. Even you can now check your IPO allotment status from your mobile device.

Just to give real-time 24×7 information access the company even have introduced two mobile applications last year. The most helpful feature of this website is that the investors and the clients both can stay updated with the real-time share status. As well as they can view shareholders information.The company has named the app as bLink. The app is focused to the retail investors. The retail investors also can link their Demat accounts with the app to know share allotment status immediately.

Link Intime also have geared up for the acquisition of Sharepro services the Mumbai based company. The Mumbai based company share known as the fraud company. There was a time when the promoters of the company were banned by the SEBI.As the promoters were taking part in fraudulent share transfer activity. And they came under the scanner of Link Intime. All the link in time wants is to which acquire the client base of share pro.

Sharepro was accused of diverting dividends. Which was issued to shareholders to bank accounts of entities linked to the promoters of Sharepro? Sharepro that time used the money to earn short-term returns before it was transferred back to the original shareholders. After all these illegal activities SEB launched an investigation as they were receiving complaints from retail shareholders about the inordinate delays in the crediting of dividends issued by companies.

Sharepro had to close 280 companies who were using it for registry and share transfer services. Most of these corporate investors were excited to know who would be their new registrar and IPO provider. After the acquisition by the Link Intime. The sharepro customers were in peace. As they were resting assured that they are now in safe hands of Link Intime.

However, if you are planning to invest in shares it is always good to do a good research about the company. However, information related to an IPO provider available online can be fake. That is why it is always good to ask the companies customers for their feedback. Apart from researching a customer should avoid new IPO registrar company as new companies can be fake. That is why most of the people choose an old IPO provider. Also, you have to pay attention to the companies offerings. Ask them if they have a mobile app or not. Check their website for an easy navigation menu. These are the little things that make the experience better.

However, you can go with the Link Intime company. As they are one of the oldest IPO registrars and have a mobile application so your tasks would be super easy with them. Also, they have a really large customer base and that what makes them a genuine company. New companies can be a fraud so it is not advisable to choose them. Also look for the IPO registrar customer support. Just in case if you face any problem you can reach to them and solve your query.

What I simply want to say is that, before going with any service provider. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions. Make sure you have checked out their offerings as in-app, and easy website navigation. Also do check out the customer support, and try to know about the customer’s feedback. Plus try to stay away from new companies to prevent fraud.  


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