Month: December 2017

TechStars Conducts Inspire The Change Workshop at Telmex Hub

A free event that aims to help young entrepreneurs with limited resources learn about business skills was organized last month at the Telmex Hub in Mexico city. The event saw the participation of close to 50 individuals who attended the workshops held across four weekends. During the workshop participants received hands on training on how […]

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Professional Negligence Facts and Indemnity Insurance for Professionals

Negligence claims against professionals like financial advisors, doctors, accountants and surveyors have been on the rise in recent years. The interesting fact is that this number will continue to grow due to an increased reliance on the advice of professionals, raised awareness of amongst people of their legal rights, and the increasingly complex nature of […]

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Get The Bharat Microfinance Report 2017

The last two decades has seen the microfinance industry grow by leaps and bounds around the world. India is no exception, the number of non banking finance companies providing credit and savings products has gone from a few dozens to several hundreds. It is estimated by Sa-Dhan, a self regulatory organization that the total number […]

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