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We’re getting to that time once again, True Believers. The Eternals have made their mark on Marvel Snap (Free), and I’m sure we’ll be dealing with some of them for a long while to come, but by and large it’s time for them to pack up and head home. In case you didn’t know, Marvel has a new movie coming out pretty soon. Deadpool & Wolverine is looking like a lock to be the number one Marvel Studios movie this year, and you can bet the development team at Second Dinner aren’t going to let that slide by without acknowledgement.

But first, as usual, I must point out that the passionate and funny Ben Brode has prepared his video explaining the next season, Maximum Effort. There’s more to the Deadpool festivities than that, so I won’t be going into as much fine detail here as usual about the new season. I’d recommend giving the video a watch if you can, but I’ll do my best to hit the main points if you can’t.

So, the new season. It starts today, and it features quite a number of Deadpool and Deadpool-adjacent characters. The Season Pass card is Gwenpool, and yes I know she doesn’t actually have anything to do with Deadpool beyond the naming thing. She is frankly looking to be a monster card, a 4-Cost 6-Power with a Power-boosting ability that is ripe for abuse in the right hands.

As for the rest of the cards, we’ve got Bob from Hydra, a 1-Cost 4-Power card who moves when someone Snaps. Then we have Ajax, a 5-Cost 5-Power card who gains Power for every card who has lost Power. Next, Copycat. 3-Cost, 5-Power, steals the text from the bottom card of your opponent’s deck when drawn. Finally, Cassandra Nova. She’s 3-Cost and 1-Power, and her On Reveal ability steals one point of Power from each card in the opponent’s deck. Neat.

Kicking off July 23rd is the newest mode for the game, Deadpool’s Diner. The exact rules haven’t been fully outlined yet, but you’ll be able to bet Bubs to earn rewards. In practice, it sounds a bit like Conquest Mode but with extra Snapping. You’ll be able to earn Cassandra Nova in this mode, so it’s worth trying out at the very least.

At the end of July, Alliances will finally be added to the game. Again, it hasn’t been fully detailed yet how all this works, but you’ll be able to team up with other players to complete missions and earn some sweet rewards. We all like those rewards, I think. Also incoming are Leagues, specifically the Deadpool League. You’ll be matched up in a group with other players and try to compete with them by playing normally. Rewards here too. Rounding things out, the August season theme has already been announced: the Young Avengers! That should be a good one.

That more or less outlines the major points of the Deadpool festivities going on throughout the summer in Marvel Snap.  It seems like we can look forward to some very good new cards, plus plenty of freebie rewards just for playing normally. That sounds win-win to me.

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