The Worst Star Wars Movie Is Still Bad Even Though Its Stars Were Mistreated

It can be true that there were many valid criticisms against The Phantom Menace and, at the same time, that actors don’t deserve to be bullied for their performances regardless of how the public judges their performances and/or the film as a whole.

Yet it seems like we’ve collectively decided to agree The Phantom Menace was some kind of work of genius because we want to support Ahmed Best.

And yes, Best deserves to be supported, but what about all the people we haven’t heard about who went through hardship because a film or TV show wasn’t well received? Do we really think Best and Lloyd are alone?

Do we just pretend to love everything just to spare the feelings of everyone involved? Or do we just pretend when its popular to support one specific celebrity?

The Phantom Menace is a bad movie. Ahmed Best is, by all accounts, a great person. Two things can be true at once.

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