The X-Files Fans And Creators All Agree On The Show’s First Great Episode

For example, The X-Files star Gillian Anderson said that a paranoid Mulder and Scully pointing guns at each other in “Ice”  made for “a very powerful scene” and “a wonderful jolt to our relationship.” Perhaps sensing the vibes of shippers everywhere, she also noted that when the two agents had to check each other for parasites, “It’s very provocative, the way the camera moves around us and the way the lighting is with a single light bulb and it’s swinging.”

Beyond giving the two X-Files leads some meaty scenes, she also praised “Ice” for clarifying for the cast and crew exactly what this ambitious new series could become. “It was really the first time since we started the show,” she said, “that I think we all had a very strong feeling of what it was that we were doing and what the potential was.” That collective feeling animated everyone, and Anderson remembers this as “the first time when we all just really came together and worked really, really hard and felt that we were making something important,” an episode “which really represented a turning point for us.”

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