Trekkie VS Trekker: Why Star Trek Fans Have Two Names

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Ironically, despite being created to curb the negative connotations of being a hardcore Star Trek fan, Trekker is now considered the more nerdy label.

Think about it. What’s more Neckbeard than the phrase, “Um, actually I’m not a Trekkie I’m a Trekker.”

So, which nickname is the right one? As a more casual fan, I prefer Trekkie. Using the term, Trekker feels like when a BMW snob tries to tell you, “It’s not a beamer; it’s pronounced bimmer.”

Cool, I’ll just run and tell millions of people they’ve been wrong their whole life. Let’s see how well that goes.

Trekkie just sounds better than Trekker. Like you’re a fan but you don’t take yourself so seriously. People who go by Trekker are the same people who can’t let one Halloween go by without reminding everyone, “Frankenstein is the name of the doctor not the monster!”

Besides, Trekkie doesn’t even carry the same baggage it once did.

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